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 Center for Economic and Social Research
University of Southern California


University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA

The University of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

University of Wisconsin-Madison
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BEE Resources for Research Assistants

BEE Lab Expectations - What we expect from a research assistant in our lab, and what a research assistant can expect in return.

Literature Review Guidelines - This explains how our lab does literature reviews.

Favorite resources on the web

Resources to help you use STATA from the Institute for Digital Research and Education:
     STATA Contents
     Which statistical test should I use?

ZTREE (Zurich Toolbox for Readymade Economic Experiments) Manuals and Tutorials. If you are planning to program heavily in ZTree, we definitely encourage you to get on the ZTree mailing list. Always read the manual to see if it answers your question before asking it!
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